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Brian Colombana suggests simple yet effective measures to save the planet!

Brian Colombana

Did you know that we are destroying the planet by dumping plastic and consuming energy sources – by the end of this century, Earth will not be livable like now. This means your great-grandchildren will not have a place to breathe, clean water to drink, and enough energy to run the car by the end of 2099 says Brian Colombana. It might appear a long way, but there is barely any time left to repair the damages.

What can you do to conserve the planet and make it more sustainable for the coming centuries? Brian Colombana points at simple changes to reduce emissions and engage in more environmentally friendly options. Here is the list of simple changes you can adapt to add few years to this beautiful blue planet.

Use your bottle or coffee mug:

Yes! As simple as it sounds, this is a massive move to reduce plastic by almost 30% annually. If everybody starts using reusable cups or bottles for drinks, you can avoid asking for plastic or paper cups from a coffee store or vending machine.

Replace the bulbs and lights:

Change the regular blubs and fixtures to high-quality LED bulbs. These are cost-effective and give more light by pulling very little energy. 

Please turn it off:

Never leave the empty room with lights and other sources of heat or cold ON. If you do not need it, switch it off. Make the most of daylight from the window by placing your workstation closer to the windows. You can also switch to sunlit roofs that bring more light and warmth. 

Set the 2o rule at home:

Set up the temperature on the thermostat a couple of degrees up/down, depending on the climate. You can save 3-5 percent of energy bills every month. This is a considerable saving in your budget and a massive contribution to the energy-efficient economy.

Avoid cars – walk or cycle:

Why should you use the vehicle if the weather is excellent and the distance is small? You can park the car in a particular place and then walk towards the destination. Walking and cycling are the best way of exercising and saving energy that you burn every time you drive.

Plant! Nurture! Plant more:

Grow plants, take diligent care, water and clean them regularly. This is the best way of conserving the planet. Do not plant and forget; remember to nurture them and make the most of these trees. You can go seasonal vegetables or fruits at your backyard or terrace or even kitchen herbs to get the organic edible options. Appreciate the pollinators and support in making the garden or growing area more conducive for them.

Reuse – Recycle – Reduce

Brian Colombana reinstates practicing the three R’s and encourages the younger generation to adopt them. Reduce the use of single-use products like plastic bags and boxes. Recycle whatever is possible, from paper to cardboard, tin cans, and glass. Reuse clothes, cutlery, and jam jars – anything which has life left for another purpose.

These are some routine measures you can take to reduce wastage and keep climate change in control.