About Brian Colombana

Brian Colombana grew up the son of a Nasa engineer, often moving around. He spent most of his childhood near Seattle in the Pacific Northwest and graduated near the top of his class at Edmonds Woodway High School. Often tinkering with electronics and competing in math tournaments, it was the outdoors where he was most comfortable. There was no sport he didn’t want to play; baseball, football, basketball, wrestling, soccer, pole vaulting, and when he had time, even fishing and golf. He loved the competition in it all.

After high school, Brian pursued his love of computer science (and intramural sports) at the University of Washington in Seattle where he joined the Sigma Chi fraternity. Computer science evolved to business and he ended up graduating early with honors in Business Administration. However, a course in Business Law intrigued him to pursue law school and in 2002, he moved to Los Angeles to attend Southwestern University School of Law.

The next three years were uneventful as every law student passes the days and nights reading in the library. During the summers, Brian worked as an elementary school tutor and then as a law clerk at the Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles. It all paid off as he graduated again with honors and in 2005, passed the California State Bar Exam. It was during this time that he was also able to complete his studies in aviation and become an FAA licensed private pilot.

As a lawyer, Brian ran his own practice helping struggling homeowners save their homes from foreclosure during the great recession of 2008. His practice grew to employ a dozen lawyers and nearly 100 support staff. His aggressive tactics in suing banks for failing to comply with their obligations under HAMP made him powerful enemies of the banks. Notwithstanding, he was able to successfully negotiate loan modifications and avoid foreclosure for more than 10,000 homeowners and families.

Battling with the banks turned into battling with politicians and agencies dead set on protecting the banking industry from a financial collapse. Inevitably, Brian resigned from practicing law and moved to Colombia where he could follow his adventurous spirit and pursue his love of computer science. Shortly after moving to Colombia, Brian met his current wife and started a successful company in software development.

Brian currently lives with his wife in Colombia where he’s developing socially responsible artificially intelligent applications. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the outdoors and farming. Since moving to Colombia, Brian has converted to a vegan lifestyle and is always looking for fun and clever ways to protect this planet.